Blocking/Moving Charges for your Delivery Company & Old Hickory Sheds

What is included in free delivery and setup?

We locate where the building would be best built. However, if said location is inaccessible and is necessary to return the shed to the dealer or return it at a later date to move to the desired location; an additional fee will be assessed.

Price will vary depending on the size of the building and situation.

Clearance is needed as follows:

8′ & 10′ wide buildings add 6 inches to building width. For 12′, 14′, and 16′ widths need not add extra (they will fit through an opening that is as wide as they are). This measurement is from wall to wall and does not account for eave width. Add 15″ to above measurements to account for eaves. Also, be sure to note house eave/overhangs when surveying the property for delivery as well as have trees trimmed to a minimum of 12′ height clearance.


Building is placed with one corner resting on highest ground point, and levelled from there.

  • Under 4 inches out is levelled using driver supplied pressure treated or cedar blocking.
  • Between 4-12 inches out of level, you may upgrade to driver supplied concrete blocks (4x8x16) available at $3 each.
  • Over 12 inches of concrete blocks are mandatory.

Additional clearance below building is not recommended due to engineering against wind lift off, as well as making it difficult to access the building. However, if this is desired we can set the building up this way.

Additional fees per layer of blocking above highest ground point

8′-10′ wide $50

12′ wide $75

14′-16′ wide $100

Driver carries 24 concrete blocks. If more is needed the customer is responsible to provide them.

The absolute best preparation for your investment is a level and compacted gravel pad (preferably road base). This ensures the entire building is setting solid as well as providing optimal water drainage.