Free Span Metal Buildings

If you are looking to protect your investments from the elements, a free span steel building can do just that. Our sizes range from 32’ wide to 40’ wide. Durable and long lasting, a free span metal building is free from columns or other obstructions, making it ideal for large equipment and agricultural use.

Benefits of Free Span Steel Buildings

Free span metal buildings (also known as clear span steel buildings) provide large covered spaces without vertical support beams inside the center of the structure. This conveniently allows for the storage of vehicles, trailers, boats, construction equipment and agricultural equipment.

The free span steel buildings we provide can be built much more quickly than traditional wood construction, and are designed to withstand the weather conditions common to Cache Valley winters. With various design options available, we find it inefficient to list pricing. Contact us today or fill out the form below for a free estimate or to ask us any questions you many have concerning our premium metal buildings.

Technical Requirements for the Installation of a Free Span Building

Engineered plans, land leveling, and a concrete foundation are required with the installation of this style of metal storage building. Ground work and concrete are not included in the quote for the free span steel building provided by Cache Valley Sheds but are to be provided by the customer before your scheduled install date. Additional charges may apply if your engineer needs to make any modifications to the plans of the structure to meet local city or county building code requirements.

During the installation of your free span building, our team will utilize a telescopic style forklift. This equipment is to be rented and provided by the customer. A telescopic forklift is required for safe building of free span structures, and construction can not start without it. If you have questions for us concerning this process, or for recommendations on the rental of a telescopic forklift, feel free to contact us at Cache Valley Sheds.

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