Important Information for Buyers

Metal Buildings

  • Anchors are NOT included with any building purchase. Rebar (these are not anchors and are used on buildings) will be installed on the ground. Cement bolts are available at an additional cost and are used on cement. There is NO Wind Load Certification unless ALL correct anchors are purchased. Ground anchors can be purchased to install on the ground.
  • Engineer drawings are NOT included. Customers may purchase the set of engineer drawings at an additional cost. Engineer drawings are NON-Refundable once they have been ordered with the Engineer. Calculations are not included and can be purchased for an additional cost.
  • ALL buildings are certified for 30LBS Ground Snow Load. Higher snow load upgrades are available at an additional cost.
  • The ground MUST be leveled before crew arrives for installation. If ground is not leveled there will be an additional fee for the crew to build or make ground or building leveled as much as possible. Building would be installed on ground as is.
  • A telescopic forklift is REQUIRED on Free Span buildings, buildings with double leg posts or leg inserts, and buildings that are 13ft and taller. One forklift for buildings 32′ – 40′ wide, two forklifts for buildings 50′ – 100′ wide. The customer is to provide the telescopic forklifts.
  • Buildings that are higher than 8′ tall, open, or partially open, can become unstable (sway) without ground supports. We HIGHLY recommend ground supports.
  • There is a separate Delivery and Installation fee on additions to buildings already installed.
  • 26 gauge panel upgrade is available at an additional cost. Thicker metal comes with a 20-year warranty.
  • Overhead garage doors are installed by a third-party door company. Please be aware it can be up to two weeks after ordering for door installation to take place. (FULL payment on the building must be made after installation has been finalized.)
  • For buildings being installed on cement, the cement pad must be 6″ wider and 6″ longer than the building’s measurements. Buildings being installed with 3/4″ cement bolts require a cement pad that is 1′ wider and 1′ longer. Please be aware of these requirements as they help to avoid potential cement breakage.
  • Buildings 13′ or taller will have double legs. If this type of building is being installed on cement, then the customer must purchase two bolts per post.
  • Buildings will have condensation. To avoid condensation, insulation is available at an additional cost.
  • We highly recommend any building longer than 31′ upgrade to the Vertical Roof option to help avoid leakage. Please note that this upgrade is only available on A-Frame style buildings. If you would like to keep a horizontal roof and choose to opt out of the Vertical Roof upgrade, a waiver will be required.
  • Due to the distinct laws for each county/state regarding permits, we do not keep such records on hand. Each customer is responsible for doing their own research on the laws and regulations in their specific area to find out if a permit from their building department is required. If a building permit is required, that responsibility falls to the customer, not
    Cache Valley Sheds.
  • There will be a DELIVERY FEE for Free Span buildings. The custom fee will be assessed at the time of purchase.
  • Financing is available for specific types of buildings. Contact your dealer for information. Some restrictions apply.
  • A 3.75% fee will be added when paying the remaining balance with a credit card.
  • If the ground is rocky, we will do our best to install any anchors that were purchased. If we are unable to install the anchors, there will be a reimbursement for the cost of the anchors. The customer will then be responsible to secure their building.
  • If a customer cannot make the scheduled installation appointment or cancels the order after the building is on the trailer and out for delivery, a restocking fee will be assessed and charged at that time.

Frequently we have issues when putting buildings together that are beyond our control – this is normal in construction. These issues could potentially lead to extra time being needed to work them out and finish a building correctly. In these special circumstances, it may take us an extra 1-3 days to arrive at your location – even though your building has been scheduled for a specific date. Please plan for 1-3 extra days of cushion time around your scheduled date. (See Terms and Conditions in the purchase order form)

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