Metal Buildings

We provide premium metal carports and buildings that are built to last. All of the buildings are produced with a “Clear Coat” Galvanized material for the framework along with 29 gauge metal panels for the roof and siding. All of our finished products are made from prime domestic raw materials that conform to stringent ASTM steel specifications. The end result is a finished product that exhibits superior performance in our top-quality metal buildings.

Types of Available Metal Buildings

If you are looking for quality metal buildings, you have come to the right place. Cache Valley Sheds carries metal outbuildings that can be used for a wide range of home or commercial uses. We sell simple metal carports in various sizes and options, including metal RV covers designed to protect your RV from the long Cache Valley winters. Our utility carports provide dedicated storage and carport in one long-lasting metal building. Consider a fully enclosed garage that can be up to 35’ long, or a 32’-40’ wide steel free span building for a small warehouse, shop, or for the protection of trailers and large equipment.

Snow Load and Your Metal Buildings

Living in Cache Valley, Utah means varying amounts of winter snow. Understanding the snow load that will be placed on your building can be an important factor in your purchasing decision. Ground snow load is measured in pounds per square foot, and is a helpful guide to which style of metal carport or fully enclosed garage may be right for you.

All metal buildings are built to last, made from the highest qualitymaterials and finest craftsmanship. Our 12’-30’ wide buildings will hold a snow load of between 30-90 lbs/sq ft, and our 32’-80’ wide buildings hold from 40-60 lbs/sq ft. These ratings assume proper anchoring and leveled ground.

Regardless of what snow load a building has, if snow continues to accumulate and does not slide off, we recommend that you remove the snow from the roof. If the weight load exceeds what the roof can handle, it will collapse. Contact us today to find out the snow load rating of your desired metal building.

Vertical vs Horizontal Roof for Your Metal Building

When purchasing a metal building, such as a carport, the building may have a horizontal roof or a vertical roof. A horizontal roof can be identified by observing the lines on the roof of your metal building as going from front to back. On a vertical roof, the lines in the roof start at the highest point on the roof and go toward the lowest point.

Some types and sizes of outbuildings are only available in the vertical A-frame style. Be aware that anything beneath the eaves of a vertical roof will likely become covered and potentially damaged by heavy snow if it slides off your metal building. As another consideration, this snow could also pile up and sluff off into an open carport if it is next to another building. Call us today if you have any questions concerning the best type of roof for your metal building.

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