Cache valley Sheds-Summer Ideas

10 Creative Shed Uses for Outdoor Weather

Outdoor weather is here, and your shed may be begging to be put to good use. Sure, it’s a great place to store your lawnmower and gardening tools, but why limit your shed to just that?

With a little creativity, your shed could become the ultimate hangout spot or a functional workspace for all your DIY and crafting projects. Read on to learn ten unique ways to transform your shed into something extraordinary this season.

Outdoor Kitchen: Customize your shed with a sink, countertop, grill, or stove for a unique cooking experience.

Hobby Room: Whether painting, woodworking, or crafting, a shed can be transformed into a relaxing and creative space for all your hobbies. Add shelves, tables, and storage to fit your needs.

Playhouse: Give your kids personal space for fun and games by transforming your shed into a playhouse. Add windows with curtains, cute color schemes, and fun furniture to make it extra special.

Pool House: When guests swim or lounge by the pool, they’ll need a place to change and store their belongings. You can customize your shed to provide ample storage and changing space for your guests.

Yoga Studio: Create a relaxing retreat in your backyard with a yoga studio inside your shed. Add a cushion or mat and other accessories, dim the lighting, and let the Zen begin!

Man Cave: Enjoy a moment of relaxation while you watch the game or host a poker night. Man caves can be decorated however you like and can be as messy or clean as you want.

She Shed: Men have their man caves, and women have she sheds. Create a cozy, comfortable space for you to retreat to. Add a comfortable chair, a table for crafting, and some cozy blankets.

Bar Area: Install a bar, stools, and a small fridge. You could even add a dartboard or pool table for entertainment.

Home Office: Transform your shed into a home office. Add a desk, a chair, and some shelves for storage.

Reading Nook: Add a comfortable chair, bookshelves, and a small table to create the perfect space to escape when you need quiet time.

Come See Our Options

The possibilities are endless when it comes to transforming your shed into a functional and creative outdoor living space. If you don’t have a shed, you can get one from Cache Valley Sheds, where we offer a variety of shed styles to fit your preferences. If you want to see the available sheds, don’t hesitate to visit our lot and look.


work shed

A Shed For Work

How Our Sheds Helped One Customer With Their Job

We talk a lot about the uses our sheds can have and there are many, but it’s easier to understand why this is such a great solution when you hear it from the customers. Case in point, this is a story from one of our customers who bought a shed specifically to use as a home office for their work.

A Sidelong Smile

When this couple arrived, they knew what they were looking for. I started by asking the usual questions about what they were looking for and they started by telling me that the husband worked from home. I asked them how this went for them and they didn’t say anything at first. They just looked at each other with a shared knowing smile. I could already see where it was going.

It’s Hard To Work From Home When You Have A Family

There were numerous problems trying to work from home while also raising a family. The need to be quiet so the breadwinner can focus disrupts a lot of basic activities. We’ve mentioned in the past how kids, in addition to generally being noisy and excitable, also need attention. While dad is in the office working, not only is dad off the table, but so is mom, really, because mom also needs to be quiet.

More than that, though, it disrupts domestic work as well. A house needs a lot of work to keep it in a livable state. Floors need cleaning, dishes need washing, and so on. When it comes to vacuuming, the noise disrupts concentration. You can’t do a lot of cleaning around the house while the person is working in the office. That means you have to do it when they’re not working, but that cuts into the time you should be spending enjoying your family. Working from home might have many advantages, but to make that possible ends up disrupting your family life in ways you might not have expected.

A Shed Gives You A Place to Go to Get Work Done

The customers laid this out for me. It’s not the first time I’ve heard this, of course. I hear this a lot. This is why a lot of people want a shed and it’s why they wanted one to. With a shed, you have a place to go that’s away from the rest of your family. It’s easy to lock the door and keep people out while you’re busy. Since you’re out of the house, you don’t have to worry about your kids making too much noise. They understand that when you’re in that shed, you are not to be bothered.

Since you’re no longer in the house, this frees up others to do the work around the house they need to get done. They don’t have to worry about the vacuum or the washing machine, or any other appliances breaking your focus, letting them get on with the things they need to do. That way, when you’re done with your work, nobody has anything getting in the way of spending time together.

A Shed Can Be Even More

a work shed, or a man cave, your shed can be whatever you wantThere’s a lot more that a shed can be than just an office. We’ve had customers make sheds into all sorts of living spaces. One customer turned a shed into a spare bedroom for visiting family members. Another used the shed as a place where they could entertain friends. You can make it into a man-cave or she-shed, a place that’s just for you. With an add-on for insulation and power supply, you can make a space that will be comfortable year-round to use for any purpose. The possibilities are endless

Come See Us Any Time

We’re past the point where its possible to set up every shed we have on offer. If the shed requires a cement pad, it might not be possible to schedule its construction before it gets too cold to pour the cement. Some of our sheds don’t require a cement pad, though. Whether we can set it up now or not, there’s no reason not to come for a visit if you’re thinking about buying one. You can come down and look at our selection any time you like and get questions answered about our sheds. We’ll help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Just get in touch with us and let us know any questions you have!

Old Hickory shed

What Sheds Are Popular This Year In Cache Valley?

The Sheds People are Buying and the Uses They Put Them To

People put our sheds to great use in Cache Valley. There are a lot of things a shed can be. With fall coming up and our busy period coming to an end, let’s take a look at what sheds were most popular and what uses people were putting them to.

1. The Utility Shed

Gap gray walls, white trim, burnished slate metal roof, double barn doors, shed

The 8×10 to 8×12 utility shed is a utilitarian model that sees a lot of use. Storage is the most basic use a shed can have, but it’s still quite common.  Due to extreme differences in seasonal weather in Cache Valley, tools take some serious wear and tear if left exposed to the elements. You can store them in your basement, but who wants the smell of dirt and gasoline to fill up their homes over winter? Our simple garden utility shed is a great solution to that. It keeps your tools out of the rain and snow without filling up space in your home. It’s a high quality option that protects your tools for years to come.

2. The Lofted Barn

Side Lofted Barn

We have a large variety of lofted barn models and they sell very well. The big advantage of the lofted barn is the additional overhead storage space. These models include one to two lofts with four square feet of storage. This makes them a great replacement for storage rental. Instead of paying monthly feeds to a storage facility, you buy a single shed and it’s yours. The extra storage space of the lofts helps people make extra space in their homes without paying extra for it.

3. The Utility Dormer

side utility dormer shedEver since covid-19 people have been working more from home. While storage is the most common use people think of for sheds, we’ve lately found a growing interest in using sheds as a home office. Just about any model of shed can be converted to a home office with the right upgrades.  The utility dormer is a popular choice. Adding wi-fi, insulation, and some climate control features to the shed makes it a great place to work that’s away from the usual distractions of working from home.

4. The Deluxe Playhouse

Deluxe Lofted Playhouse 14x36

Many people in Cache Valley are doing more than working from home, they run businesses from home. Depending on the type of business, perhaps you need to store products for sale through your internet store.  Maybe you need to store supplies for services they provide. The Lofted Barn can serve that purpose, give you a place to store your goods that doesn’t eat up space in your garage. In other cases, the shed itself acts as a storefront, in which case the deluxe playhouse’s porch and window setup makes a great place for customers to line up while you take orders.

5. The Carport

utility carport

A surprising number of homes in Cache Valley don’t have garages. With Cache Valley’s extreme seasonal weather, cars can take just as much a pummeling as your tools. The utility carport is a great option for people looking to give some extra cover to their cars without needing to do a full construction project to expand their homes. These can even come with enclosures in the back to store maintenance equipment for your car. Keep your car out of the hot summer sun.  Never worry about having to shovel snow off your car in the winter.  The carport keeps you covered!

Alternatives: The Metal Shed

Rather than cheap sheds made from plastics, we opt for high-quality materials made to last.  For those who want something extra hardy, our metal sheds are built to last even longer and stand up to the harshest conditions we deal with in Northern Utah.  Note that they often require a concrete pad. This adds extra work to the set-up and limits the times they can be installed.  While we can install many of our standard sheds year-round as long as a flat space is cleared, the concrete pad must be installed ahead of time.  Therefore, they cannot be installed over the winter, as you can’t pour the cement in the cold.

August is the last month in which you can order a metal shed and be guaranteed to have everything ready before it’s too cold to install it. If you wish to order a metal shed now, you still can, just be aware that if there is any delay in setting up the cement pad for it, you may end up waiting until spring.

Have Any Questions?

Our sheds are popular for many reasons and have many uses. As an authorized Old Hickory dealer, you get access to dependable quality at great prices. Do you need a shed? Why not get in touch? If you’re not sure what the best shed for your needs is, you can come on down and take a look. Ask us any questions you have and we’ll help you pick out the best shed for your intended use. Our lot is always open!


Quiet Little Garden Shed best sheds in cache valley

7 Questions to Ask to Know If You Need A New Shed

Is It Time To Buy A Shed?

So, with summer coming to an end, the time to buy a metal building is coming up if you want it installed this year. Because our metal buildings require cement pads to act as a foundation, once we hit September, the time frame to pour one is short enough that we can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to have it before it gets too cold. So, if you need a metal building, now is the time to get one. But how do you know if you need a shed? Well, here’s a few questions you can ask yourself.

carport1. Can I Park In My Garage

There are a lot of reasons why it’s a good idea to park your car in the garage. The most obvious one is that it protects your car from the elements. It also gives you a warm place to park so you don’t have to spend as long waiting for it to warm up. You also won’t need to shovel snow off of it. A lot of people don’t do this, though. The main reason? The garage is too full of stuff. If this sounds like you, then a shed might just be the perfect storage solution. Don’t have a garage? Our metal car-parks can serve this purpose for you! Get your car out of the snow and into your garage!

2. Do I Want to Expand My Home?

If you’re looking to expand your house, a shed can be a viable alternative that saves time and money. Since the sheds come prefabricated, there’s no cost in time or money on construction, and our bulk deals with our supplier can let us get the sheds at prices lower than the raw materials would cost an individual. With some nice touch-ups, a shed can be its own little room for the kids to play it, or a party room where you can entertain some friends without bothering everyone else who lives with you. And that’s not all you can use them for!

3. Do I Need A Workshop

Do you do any woodworking? How about metal work? If you’ve got a hobby that requires a lot of crafting, a shed can make a fast and inexpensive workshop for you to use. Find the right size for your needs, put your tools in it, and set up your own workspace. You’ll be enjoying your craft for a fraction of the price of building your own workshop.

working from home

Don’t worry about keeping the kids under control while you work!

4. Do I Need a Home Office or Run a Home Business?

If you do your work from home, either because you’re a freelance worker, or run a business out of your home, a shed can make a great office. It’s an enclosed space that can help you focus while you’re working and it’s away from any distractions from the inside. Run some electricity to it and you can have heating, AC, and internet; everything you need to work from home. Or you can use it to store business supplies, tools, e-commerce inventory, or whatever your home business needs. If your work situation applies, you may even be able to write it off on your taxes, too!

5. Am I Trying to Save Money On Storage?

If you’re renting a storage unit for your possessions, you’re paying a lot in monthly fees. Sure, it might not be that much in any single bill, but over time those bills add up. Over the course of a year, you could be spending hundreds of dollars on your storage. Maybe thousands, depending on who you store it with. Why pay monthly fees when you can buy a shed? You won’t pay monthly fees and it’s right there in your back yard, so you won’t have to drive to it.

6. Do I Have Recreational Vehicles With No Place to Park Them?

If you’ve got ATVs, snowmobiles, or other recreational vehicles, where are you parking them? If you want to park your car in the garage, that’s not an option. Leaving them out just subjects them to the elements. With our vehicle ramps and double-door options, a shed can be the perfect place to park your recreational vehicles so they’re covered when it rains or snows.

chickens7. Do I Have A Lot of Animals?

Keeping farm animals has become pretty popular in Cache Valley, even if it’s not a whole farm. Chickens, goats, rabbits, and pigs are all animals I’ve seen individuals own. We have shed options that are great for housing them. Don’t worry about how you’re going to keep them warm in the winter, or cool in the summer. Let us wheel in a shed and you can set it up for whatever animals you’re housing!

Don’t Wait!

If you need a shed, especially our metal buildings, then don’t wait. You’ve only got until the end of August if you want to be sure we can get it installed this year. You can order a shed at any point, but if the building requires a cement pad, the time it takes to schedule and pour it may mean early spring next year will be the soonest we can get it to you. If you need it now, then give us a call now! We’ll be happy to help you find what you need.

cache county fair flyer

Cache Valley Sheds Will Be at the Cache County Fair

cache county fair flyerCome and See us!

If you’re going to the Cache County Fair this year, then you’ll be able to come visit us! We’ll be there August 10-13, showing off our best stuff. If you want to ask us some questions or see what we’ve got, be sure to drop by. We’ll be glad to see you!

Metal Sheds: A Hot Item This Summer

Metal sheds and other buildings we have on offer are always a popular item with our customers. They’re valuable for their longevity and sustainability, built to last long and need minimal repairs. They can also be highly energy efficient, since the metal roof reflects heat, instead of absorbing it.

They’re particularly good for specialty agriculture. They can be customized to fit any need, whether it’s as a barn, cover for animals against the weather, or as riding arenas. Since they’re made of metal, they resist mold, so you don’t have to worry about that at all!

Farmers aren’t the only ones who find use for metal sheds, though. RV enthusiasts and people in need of a garage find metal buildings are a great option to keep their vehicles protected from the elements. With the wide variety of sizes we can get, they can be tailored to fit any vehicle you want to cover.

metal buildingGet Your Metal Sheds Now!

While there’s lots of upsides to metal sheds, there is one thing you have to consider: the installation time frame. Unlike our wood buildings, which can use reinforced flooring and other engineering techniques to make them stable on any flat surface, metal sheds require a cement base. That means if you don’t have a cement pad, you’ll need to pour one. Because of this installation requirement, we cannot install metal buildings over winter. If you want to get one this year, you need to order your metal building before the end of August. Otherwise, we can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to get the building installed before winter comes.

Give Us A Call

If you’re thinking about getting a metal building, now is the time. It’s early July now, but August is right around the corner and September will be here faster than you think. You want to get your orders in soon to make sure we get it up this year. If you’ve got any questions about what we’ve got on offer, you can get in touch with us, or come see us at our lot at any time.

Don’t forget to come visit us at the Cache County Fair, either. We hope to see you there!

Quiet Little Garden Shed best sheds in cache valley

The Gorgeous Garden Shed

Using Sheds for Garden and Lawn Care

Summer is going to be in full swing soon. Many of us have been doing the basic spring lawn care maintenance chores for at least a few weeks now. Good lawn and garden care requires a lot of tools. Where are you storing those tools? Are they taking up space in your garage? Do they all come tumbling out of the closet when you try to open it up? If the answer to that is yes, then maybe it’s time to consider getting a garden shed.

a lawn mowerThe Basic Tools

When most people think about lawn and garden tools, they usually think about lawn mowers, weed whackers and shovels, but there’s a lot more than that. Here in Cache Valley, bigger items like rototillers, irrigation pumps, and other equipment are quite popular. For people who have a few acres of land to take care of, there are even full-on ATV’s and rideable lawn equipment. Where do you keep this?

Getting More Specialized

Cache Valley springs are notoriously unpredictable. We can get frosts way late into the season in between weeks of unusually warm weather. A lot of people run electric lines out to their gardens to give heat to seedlings, letting them get an early start on planting. This adds tools such as grow lights, heat mats, among others.

Seeds and Fertilizers

Tending to your yard and garden also requires grass seed, flower bulbs, fertilizer, pesticides, and other materials. These bags can be quite heavy and you don’t want to be carrying them too much. If you have to move them from your garage all the way to your garden, that’s a lot of extra effort and strain on your back.

Organize With A Garden Shed

You don’t want your tools taking up space in your home or garage. A garden shed can help you by giving you a place to put your tools.  It’ll be right there near your garden so you won’t have to go far to get them. That way, whenever you go out to work in your yard and garden, they’re always right there. No more having to fight with other things in your closet or garage to get them out. Best of all, the shed still provides cover from the elements.

Don’t worry about your tools being left out in the rain and the sun, getting all rusty and broken.
With a shed, you can make sure all of your tools are organized. Add some hooks to hang the tools from so you can see them. Shelves will let you store boxes of the ground so they’re protected moisture. Our lofted sheds give you space to store bags of compost, bark, and fertilizer that’s out of the way. Because all your tools are stored in one place, you never have to worry about forgetting where they are. Whenever you need them, they’re right there, easy to find. This makes taking care of your lawn and garden a breeze.

a gorgeous garden shedMake Your Garden Shed Gorgeous

With a bit of work, you can make a garden shed into more than just tool storage. You can incorporate your shed into your yard by building a small garden around it. Plant a few trees to give it some shade. Choose colors that match with your house and complement the flowers and shrubs you plant around it. Hang a few flower baskets from the porch. Build a gravel path to it so you don’t have to get dirty walking out there and also add some visual variety to your yard.
With the right combination of elements, you can make your garden shed look like it really belongs there instead of being added as an afterthought. If you go a step further and make the shed a permanent building in your yard, this can even add value to your home.

Come See Our Options

Whether you have a smaller garden plot you till by hand, or a few acres of yard to care for, we have options. Our lot is always open. You can come in and take a look at all the options available. See what we’ve got in stock. Examine them from the inside and the outside to see if they meet your needs. We’ll help you find what you’re looking for. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’ll be glad to answer them.

multipurpose buildings

Free Up Your Space

How Cache Valley Sheds Can Offer You More Freedom In Your Own Home

very fancy shed with multiple roomsYou have to be comfortable in your own living space. Having a mess in your home is not good for your mental health. When you open up the closet and a whole bunch of stuff falls out, or you spend several minutes sifting through papers on your desk looking for something you need, it does more than just annoy you. It makes you feel like you don’t have control. A lot of people are finding Cache Valley Sheds can really help them out with that.

Maximize Your Home Space

Clutter happens when you have more stuff than you’ve got space for. It’s all well and good to talk about organization, but you need to have a place where things belong before you can organize them. With houses being built smaller, it’s getting harder for us to fit all of our stuff inside. A shed is a great way to give you additional space. You can use it to store your possessions so that what’s in your home is only the stuff that you use regularly.

seneca barn and carportPark Your Car In Your Garage

Being able to park your car in a garage is a blessing. It keeps your car out of the weather, so it doesn’t get dirty, or damaged. During the winter, you don’t have to waste gas idling while your car warms up. You won’t have to worry about someone breaking into your car because it’s not sitting out on the driveway. Unfortunately, a lot of us try to make space in our home by moving things to the garage. A shed will give you an alternative space to store things so you can use your garage for what it’s meant for.

And if you don’t have a garage, our metal carports can always give you one!

Add Something To Your Yard

The great thing about buying from Cache Valley Sheds is all the options we can offer. With so many different sheds, you can find something that will not only store your things, but will look good, too! Fill an otherwise boring, empty space in your yard with a cozy mini-cottage or small barn. Plant a flower garden around it to make it a beauty feature. Put a porch on it and make it a play-space for your children. There are so many possibilities!

A 5-Year Warranty

All of our sheds are top quality. Each shed is engineer certified. They are built to last and we stand by them. That’s why Old Hickory offers a 5-year limited warranty on all sheds you buy through us.

Free On-Site Evaluation

There’s always a worry with prefabricated sheds that they won’t be able to fit. Can you get them into the yard? Is there a place for them? We take that worry off your hands by offering a free on-site evaluation. We’ll drive out to your home and look over your yard to make sure that the shed you want can fit through before you buy. For those who live in Cache Valley, we’ll also offer free delivery! No worries at all!

Lofted BarnOur Lot Is Always Open

You can come by our lot at any time. Not only is our lot open, but so are all the sheds on it. You can go inside and take a look for yourself. All prices are posted inside each shed so you can see if the cost fits into your budget. There are no surprises here and you don’t need an appointment. Come on down any time and have a look at what’s available.

After you’ve had a look, come on into the office, or give us a call to have any other questions you want answered. We’ll help you pick out the perfect shed to meet your needs.

Empty your house of clutter and free up your space. When you buy a shed from us, you aren’t just getting a building, you’re taking control of your life!

metal building: utility carpoort fully enclosed to be used as a garage

Get Your Metal Buildings Now!

Metal Buildings Are Available Again, Here’s Why You Should Get one Now!

Winter is almost over. Weather should start warming up soon and that means metal buildings are back up for sale. Well, technically they never stopped being for sale, but because metal sheds have additional requirements from our other ones, we can’t really install them in the winter, so there isn’t too much point in buying one. But with spring on its way, now’s the time to get your metal shed!

What Good Are They?

There are a lot of reasons why people might like a metal building. They’re sturdy and energy efficient, and have lots of uses. Here in Cache Valley, our metal carports frequently serve as alternatives for people who don’t have garages in their homes. Our carports are great for trailers, fifth-wheels, campers, boats, and other vehicles. It’ll keep them out of the sun and rain. You’ll see less weather damage to the paint and seats than just leaving them out in your driveway. For those who want it, there’s a full-enclosure add-on that will come with garage and house doors on it.

Metal Building used to cover a boatMetal Buildings Come in a Variety of Sizes

Our metal buildings aren’t just good for single vehicles. We have several different sizes available for different purposes. We can have two and three car sized buildings as well. With our full-enclosure add-on, some of our larger metal buildings can work great as warehouse storage for businesses, or as workshops. There’s a lot of possibilities!

Limited Time Frame

While our metal buildings are good for year-round usage, there’s a limited time frame for installation. Our metal buildings often require a cement pad to build them on. This means that we can only install them during times when we can pour cement and dig for the foundation. Once the ground gets too cold, the digging becomes too costly and we have trouble pouring the cement. If you’re looking to buy a metal building from us, the latest we can sell it to you and be able to properly install it the same year is August.

But Don’t Wait!

Just because we have time in August to install it, that doesn’t mean you should wait around until August to get it done. We do installations for people all around the valley and beyond. Depending on the demand, there may be a queue to have your shed installed. If you wait until the last moment to buy it, there’s no way to guarantee we’ll be able to install it before winter, which will leave you waiting until next spring.

To avoid this, you want to order your metal shed as soon as possible. If you think you want one installed, now’s the best time to talk to us. Get in touch, or drop by for a visit to look at our options. We’re more than happy to show you what we’ve got. We’ll help you find out what works best for your intended use. Once you’ve picked out what you want, we can schedule a time to install it so that you get the maximum usage out of it this year!

Yellow shed in a back yard

3 Benefits of Having Your Own Old Hickory Shed

Quiet Little Garden Shed best sheds in cache valleyTake Advantage of Your Old Hickory Shed To Make Life Easier

There are lots of reasons to buy an Old Hickory shed from us, but people most often buy them for storage. Our sheds work great for this purpose and with winter fast approaching, now’s a good time to get your hands on one. When it comes to storage, here are three major benefits our Old Hickory sheds provide for you.

1. Dedicated Space For All of Your Belongings

We have a lot of stuff. One of the toughest questions regarding our belongings is where do we put it all? If you don’t have a plan, or your home is very small, your belongings can end up becoming cluttered. Having a shed is great because it provides you with a dedicated place for belongings. You no doubt have a lot of tools, toys, and other possessions that you only use at certain times of the year. Having a shed provides a good place to put them. This allows you to better organize your storage so it’s easier to find the stuff you need when you need it, saving you time with your projects.

2. Protects Your Belongings

Having a shed for those tools and toys is great for protecting them, too. If you leave them out in the sun and snow, the elements will ruin them. Tools left out in the snow and rain will rust. The sun will dry out the wood, making it chip. Storing them in your own shed will mean they stay in good condition longer and you won’t have to replace them as often. This will save you money in the long run.

Barn Loft for storage3. Easier to Keep your Garage Clean

If you own a garage, it’s a common problem for it to fill up with your belongings. In essence, your garage ends up serving as your shed. What happens when you need to park your car? Just like how your tools can get damaged by the elements, so can your car. The heat of the sun will fade the paint. The cold will cause condensation inside the engine, which might cause corrosion. Precipitation will cause rust. Parking your car in a garage is a great way to protect it, but you need to keep your garage clean and organized to do this. A shed helps by giving you extra space to store things you’d normally keep in the garage. This saves you a lot of money, as it reduces the wear on your car, meaning you’ll have less repairs and maintenance you need to do. It also saves time in the winter, since keeping your car in the garage will keep the windshield from icing up, so you’ll have to spend less time and energy clearing it before you head out.

Come See What We Have In Stock

We have many sheds in stock for you to choose from. If you’re not sure what you want, feel free to come down any time you like and have a look. No appointment is needed, just come down to our lot at 3875 North Highway 71 in Smithfield. You can look through our options and pick out what you like. If you don’t see something that’s just right for you, we have brochures you can look through to see other models and options, which we can order for you.

Now Is A Great Time To Get Your Old Hickory Shed

engineer certifiedRight now, it can be the easiest time to set up a shed. It’s not too hot, so it won’t be hard for a crew to install the foundation if you need one, but the ground isn’t frozen yet, so that’s no barrier either. You might need a concrete foundation, though; with our reinforced, pressure-treated flooring, it’s possible that a gravel foundation will work just as well as long as you have a large enough flat space for it to be laid out. If a gravel foundation will work, we can even install it during the winter, as long as you clear snow out of the way.

Not sure if you’ve got such a space? We’ll come to your home and do a free onsite inspection to find the best place to install the shed you want. We’ll even deliver it to you for free if you live in Cache Valley!

Get In Touch Today

Sold yet? If you’re ready to buy a shed, feel free to contact us. We’ll be happy to get you a price quote, or help you work out what the ideal shed is for your needs. Or come on down and take a look. You can buy right off the lot if you wish! We hope to see you soon!

pressure-treated flooring

Now Is the Time to Prepare For Winter

Yellow shed in a back yardGet Your Shed Before the Winter Snow

Fall is here and that means winter is right around the corner. If there are any last minute projects that you need to do before the snow comes, now’s the time to get on it. If you’ve been considering buying a shed, now is probably the best time. Why?

Time To Get Ready

Now is the right time to buy a shed before winter. There’s still a couple months before the snow comes, so you’ve got time to build the foundation needed, and for us to deliver it to you. Once the snow hits, it can be really hard to build the foundation. The ground hardens with the cold weather, making it difficult to dig. Construction crews will usually charge more for winter construction as well. The foundation doesn’t take long to build – usually a day or two at most – so it will be easy to get that made now. Then it’s a simple matter for us to deliver your shed and install it in its new place.

What Do I Need A Shed For?

There are lots of uses for our sheds. A lot of our customers use them for storage to clear out space in the garage. That’s good for winter because it allows you to park your car in the garage where it’s out of the cold and the damp. No more waiting for the car to warm up, or scraping the windshield before you drive anywhere.

It’s also good storage for your summer equipment. Camping and hunting gear, lawn and garden tools, lawn decorations, patio furniture, and more will all have a place to go that’s out of the snow. When summer rolls back around, you can switch it out for your winter gear, like holiday decorations and snow shovels. That way, you free up more room in your house.

parking for your summer vehiclesGreat For Vehicles

Many of our sheds are the perfect size for storing vehicles. Do you have an ATV, motorcycle, or bike? Park it in the shed and keep it out of the snow! Your vehicles will last longer if you keep them out of the weather. Our lofted barn models have extra storage space up above, letting you have extra space for other equipment so it doesn’t get cluttered up around your recreational vehicles.

Get Prepared For Winter

Now is the time to get ready for the coming winter season. Don’t worry about what you’ll do with your outdoor equipment when the winter comes. Make space for your car in your garage so you don’t have to waste time heating it up and scraping off ice. There’s no better time to come in and have a look at our sheds. We have lots of options and our suppliers help us get you the best prices we can.

Do you want a shed? Get in touch with us today! Our lot’s always open to those who want to come and see what’s available. There’s still time before winter to get one installed. If you live in Cache Valley, we’ll deliver it for free! With many customization options available and engineer certification to ensure it stands up to the snowfall we get here, plus the Old-Hickory limited 5-year warranty, there’s never been a better time!