Delivery Information for Your Shed

Cache Valley Sheds offers our customers delivery services through our partner company, Branding Iron Transport. On the day of your scheduled delivery, expect to see your new outdoor storage shed arrive on a Branding Iron Transport truck and trailer.

Informational Delivery Video

Placing Your New Outdoor Storage Shed

The equipment used to place your outdoor storage shed will depend on the circumstances. If possible, the truck and trailer that arrive with your new purchase will back up to the site and unload directly to the location you desire. The trailer used to transport your new outdoor storage building is specifically designed to quickly and easily unload the cargo. Suppose the circumstances do not allow the truck and trailer to fit directly into your desired location. In that case, the driver will use the mule – a uniquely designed machine capable of precisely moving and placing buildings.

10x12 Lofted Barn, Burnished slate metal roof, gap gray walls, barn white trim, double barn doors, two 4ft lofts.

Planning for Your Outdoor Storage Building to Arrive

Before your new purchase and the installation crew arrive, it is a good idea to have some information gathered. We suggest checking the measurements on gate openings, house eaves, powerlines, and trees. If needed, trim your trees to fit your portable shed through. Know where your septic tank is located, and turn off any lawn sprinklers a few days ahead of time. You should also have your desired site planned and prepped before your scheduled delivery date. The ideal installation area is leveled with compacted gravel or a road base pad. This gives a solid foundation while still allowing moisture to drain, which reduces the chances of rotting wood sheds and settling over time with any portable building.

Ground work, hauling or leveling gravel, and concrete work are not included with the purchase or setup of your shed. Remember that the initial cost of prepping your site may be high, but it is an investment in the future of your new purchase. If you plan to keep your portable shed for many years, it is especially important to make this investment.

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