Animal shelters

Help your livestock stay dry and comfortable with a durable loafing shed from Cache Valley Sheds.

Built-In Storage Space

Our practical animal sheds enable you to keep your tack handy and well-cared-for. Like traditional stables, our animal shelter sheds include a convenient area for you to store your equipment. The tack room protects your gear the same way the shed protects your animals, keeping out the weather and excessive sunlight.

Animal Shelter

Animal Shelter with Tack Room

The image above shows LP smart panel siding coated with driftwood urethane and trimmed in barn white paint.


  • One color of paint/water sealer is included with package price. Urethane, & additional colors, and trim color can be added at a small cost. Refer to the pricing guide for more information.
  • *10″ x 35″ window in door is not included but can be added to your package.


  • 4 x 6 pressure-treated perimeter base.
  • 1 1/4″ pressure-treated kick boards approximately 4′ high, spaced 1.5″ apart.
  • 8′ opening is standard. Up to 10′ wide openings available. Ask dealer for special pricing on custom width frame outs.
  • Standard one stall per 20 feet of length or less (not counting tack room), unless specifically ordered differently.
    • For example, a 12 x 12 includes one stall standard, a 12 x 20 has one stall standard, a 12 x 24 includes 2 stalls standard – all examples are without tack room.
    • Additional stall dividers can be added for $485 per divider (optional).

Tack Room:

  • $130 per foot of length minimum of 4 feet.
  • Tack room starts on an outside end wall. Add $485 to start on an inside divider wall.
  • Engineered panels or T&G flooring depending on area & availability.
  • OSB divider wall between tack room & stall.
  • 3′ wooden barn door on all tack rooms. Upgrade to 4ft wooden barn door for $30.
  • Buildings will be set directly on the ground with no blocking AND the ground must be suitable for application prior to delivery.

If you would like additional information about our portable buildings, please see or FAQ page or Contact Cache Valley Sheds.  Prices are subject to change without notice.

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