Popular Summer Shed Features

pool storage shedIt’s summer time. You know what that means? Time to consider shed options! Okay, so maybe that’s not the first thing that comes to mind. You probably were thinking vacation, or pool, or camping, or air conditioning. Somewhere on the list of things to consider might be shed options. We’ve said that a shed can be a good investment during the outbreak, but really, they’re just a good investment any time. It all depends on how you want to use them.

Here are some of our most popular summer shed features you might consider.


1. Cabana

The CabanaA cabana is a small, open air building that can easily be set up for a variety of uses. Summer nights are nice and warm, perfect for being outdoors. Watch the stars? The cabana is the perfect place to set up for stargazing. Do you like to play games with friends or family? Have a covered spot to play during the day and a roof to hang a lantern from at night. Use it as a covered spot to cook from for family gatherings, or set it next to a pool and use it as a dry spot to set towels. The possibilities are endless!

2. Animal Shelter

A lot of people keep animals around. I have a neighbor who raises horses and another who keeps chickens. I myself have had several dogs.  There are a lot of cattle farmers scattered around doing business for the local dairy industry. Animals of all kinds!

Our sheds have a variety of options for people who want to use them to store their animals, or animal supplies. You can convert them into dog pens, or use them as cover for horses and cows against the rain (or hail) and the hot sun. They can be a storage for hay or animal feed, or to store saddles and bridles. Convert a tack room into a chicken coop so you have cover for the winter. Like the look of a barn? We have a barn design, complete with a double barn-door entrance. The best part is you don’t have to raise it yourself!

3. Mini-Apartment

very fancy shed with multiple roomsAre you working from home and need a place to work that’s away from the kids? Do you have family coming to visit, but don’t want to put them up in a hotel? Our sheds can easily be converted into small apartments for visitors, or personal use. With 16×40 feet of space to work with, you can easily make a cozy living area. Add a mini-porch for that extra homey flair and give visitors a place to sit outside and enjoy themselves. Worried about cold winters or hot summers? Worry not! We can outfit your shed with foam insulation to help keep the temperature inside consistent. Run some power to it and you can even install heating and air conditioning if you like.

Summer Shed Styles Galore!

We have so many options for the look and style of shed. From rustic cabins to old-fashioned barns, we can set you up with just about anything. Personalize your shed to suit your tastes and usage. Just take a look through our gallery to see what our customers have done with their sheds!

Get a Summer Shed Today!

You’ve got the need, we’ve got the options. Want to have your own personal shed? Whatever you want it for, we can help you get it. Just get in touch with us and see what we can set up for you. We have free delivery and set-up options all over Cache Valley and other areas in northern Utah. We’ll not only sell it to you, we’ll help you build it!

What are you waiting for? Call today!


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