Metal Buildings

LR_Utilityb.jpegHere at Cache Valley Sheds, we’re famous for our sheds. It’s right in the name of our company, after all! But we have more than just typical sheds on offer. We have a wide range of small, easy to construct buildings to add to your home. Every person who gets a building from us will have a different use for them. Our metal buildings are especially popular with certain types of people.

1. RV and Travel Enthusiasts

RV and travel enthusiasts often find our standard carport is the perfect fit for their recreational vehicles. With sizes ranging from 12 x 21 to 24 x 51, you can get one sized to any RV you can imagine. When set into concrete, they’re a prefect cover for RVs against all the elements. With proper anchors, you can get them wind load certified against up to 105 MPH winds wherever you set them up.

2. Farmers

Farmers have a lot of equipment. You want to keep that equipment protected against the weather. That’s why they love our free span metal buildings. When built on a concrete surface, these sturdy metal buildings offer cover for all types of farm equipment. While concrete works best, we can build them on any leveled terrain.

3. People Without A Garage

utility012.jpegNot everyone has a garage. For these folks, we have a utility carport with an enclosure on the back. Like the standard carport, the addition of anchors can get you certified against heavy winds. They come in a variety of sizes and the option for an AFrame/vertical roof add-on. It’s quick and easy to install and lets you get the benefit of a garage without needing to make a whole new addition to your house.

Why People Love Our Metal Buildings

Seasonal weather can do a lot of damage to your vehicle, or farm equipment. The summer sun shining directly through your car windshield will crack the seat covers. The heat can warp the plastics in your car. When it rains or snows, it drags any particles in the atmosphere down with it. This not only dirties your car, but can damage the paint. Long term exposure results in faded paint jobs and rust.

Our metal buildings provide great cover from the elements at reasonable costs. This helps keep your car from wearing out, increasing the number of years you can get good use out of it. You can get the benefit of a garage without needing to renovate your home. It saves you money as well; not only do you not have to pay a construction crew to remodel your home, but you don’t have to pay for a hotel while the remodeling job is being done.

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If you’re in need of some protection for your vehicle, or your farm equipment, our carports and free span metal buildings are just the thing. You get a huge selection of styles to choose from, too. Just take a look at our gallery and see what you can get! If you’re looking to get one installed, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll help set up the perfect metal building for your needs!