Man-Cave, She-Shed, or Party-Shack?

Every man I know has or wants a man-cave. A quiet-place, if one so chooses. A place to escape responsibility for a while, relax, and enjoy themselves. What guy doesn’t think about handing out with his buddies watching a game (or playing one). Somewhere to hang his off-the-wall, “unique” artwork or store his random, fandom collectables. A dream shared by many, I’m sure. But what about the other ladies? Surely they want a place to enjoy their hobbies and relax after a stressful day, too, right? Fellas, have you ever considered getting your significant other a she-shed? “What is a she shed,” you might ask. According to, “The idea […] is that women transform backyard sheds into a hideaway where they can escape the daily grind” (Dubin).

Cache Valley Sheds has the perfect shed for your perfect someone. Imagine a space for your SO to blossom whatever interests they might have. Is your SO the crafty type? Now, she’ll have room to craft anything her imagination desires. Or maybe she’s an avid reader and needs a quiet place to relax and escape into a good book. Does she have a green thumb and need extra storage for her garden equipment? No problem. It’s her space to be her, no matter who that is. You might even be your own perfect someone, and no worries, we’ve still got a judgement-free shed with your name on it.

That’s the beauty of Cache Valley Sheds. No matter who, or what, you’re needing a shed for – we’ve got you covered. Feel free to browse our complete offering of pre-built and custom built sheds designed to fit any need you have. Cache Valley Sheds is an authorized Old Hickory Sheds dealer, so you know you can expect an American made, quality building for anything your heart desires. Whether you need a man-cave or a she-shed, a craft room or a garden shed, or maybe you’re just in need of extra storage, Cache Valley Sheds has something for everyone.

 Dubin, Alesandra. “Move over, Man Caves! Women Are Escaping to ‘She Sheds’.”, 22 June 2017,
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