Now Is A Great Time To Get A Shed For This Fall

Yellow shed in a back yardJust recently, we were at the Cache County Fair showing off our sheds for the public. We had a lot of people check us out and ask us questions and we were happy to answer them. We got to hear what it is people are looking for in sheds. Now we can say for sure that if you’re looking to buy a shed, we’ve got what you need. Now’s a great time to buy one if you want one for fall. Let’s take a look at what people want.

A Shed As Office Space

A lot more people are taking advantage of work from home options these days. If you want to work from home, you need an office space. Creating an area sectioned off from the rest of your living area helps you focus. A shed makes a surprisingly good option for that. With insulation options and plenty of room for air conditioners and space heaters, you can create a small space that’s just for you and will be comfortable all year long. Depending on your work situation, the home office might also count as a tax deductible expense, too!

A Place To Store Summer Equipment

Barn Loft for storageThere’s a lot of tools people use in taking care of their yards and gardens over the summer. Once winter hits, though, those tools need to be put away. You could stuff them in your garage, but then where are you going to park your car? Maybe you don’t even have a garage at all. Stuffing them in your house just takes up room. A shed makes a good solution. Store your summer tools in the shed over the winter to free up space in your house. With our lofted barn models, you can have extra space to store things, keeping everything organized and uncluttered.

A Play Area For The Kids

Many of our shed designs make for great playhouses. Kids love to have a little space of their own to play in. The tree house is a fine tradition for many American kids. Our sheds can serve as a good alternative that you don’t have to go to the trouble of building. Don’t worry about whether that playhouse you build will stay together; our engineer certified sheds have the certificates to prove they’ll stand up. You can give your kids a place to play and let yourself have some quiet time to relax. Those options for heating, AC and insulation that make it serviceable as a home office also make it work for a year-round kids play area!

Come In And See

A shed interior made to be a living space.

This shed was modified into a living space. Doesn’t it look cozy?

You don’t have to wait for the next county fair to get your questions answered. You can come down to our location at any time. We’re more than happy to answer any questions you have. Come take a look at our many options before you make a decision. When you’ve seen our supply and we’ve answered your questions, you can make the call on what you want. We provide delivery and installation for you. If you need it, we’ll even do an onsite inspection to help you find the best location for setting it up.

If you’re ready to buy, don’t hesitate to get in touch, or come on down to our location at 3875 North, Hwy 91 in Hyde Park, Utah. We’ll be glad to see you and help you pick out the best shed for whatever your fall needs are!