8′ Garage Package




Garage Package does not include price of shed. Building must include a garage door and house-style door with no window to qualify for package price.

On a Lofted Barn with a 7′ tall wall, garage door can only be installed on the end (not under the roof edge) of a 10′ wide building. On a Utility Style the garage door can be installed on any 8′ tall wall that has at least 12′ of length.

Includes garage door, house-style door with no window, one 2’×3′  single pane window and 12″ on center floor joists. The Utility Style Garage Package will also include 8′ walls. The Lofted Barn Style Garage Package can be upgraded with our 7′ wall option. Package price does not include wooden barn doors. Barn doors and additional windows can be included as an upgrade. Occupancy class not intended for use as a ‘Private Garage’ as defined by IBC.

(adds $59.58 to 48 month rent to own)

All prices subject to change without notice.