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5 Secrets To Keep Your Cache Valley Shed Organized

Are you able to get to the back of your shed without tripping on tools and storage? If you can’t, then it sounds like you need some help with some organization. 


With an organized, open, and clean shed you can get to what you need when you need it. Here are five secrets to keeping your Cache Valley Shed organized for the rest of the summer.


shelf with tools

Make Shelves 

You have a shed and that shed has four walls. Use those walls as organizing space. Any free wall space can be really great for open shelving. Alternatively, build free standing shelves right on the wall to get anything on the floor off the floor to make it easily accessible.


It is definitely in your benefit to use these shelves to place/organize boxes, toolboxes, or even holiday boxes. Again, get the clutter that’s on the ground off the ground with these shelves. 


hooks on the wall

Place Hooks

Placing hooks around your shed will greatly decrease clutter and increase organization and cleanliness within the shed. All your extension cords can now be hung up on the wall or the ceiling. Even all the smaller tools (or bigger tools) can now be organized with hooks.


What about a pegboard? Have you ever heard of a pegboard? Imagine this: You place a pegboard on the wall and add hooks to your pegboard. Now your wall has become a tool holder or a wall organizer. You can keep your tools off the floor and allow them to be neatly organized and hardly takes up any space at all.


organized tools  One Word: Magnets

Magnets can be very useful tools just by themselves, but how could they be used as an organization tool? Most gardening tools we hang on hooks or throw in a box, but what if we stuck them on a magnetic strip along the wall or even on the door?


You could store and organize any metallic tools from hammers to wrenches and. However, it is really important that you choose a magnet that is strong enough to hold your metallic thinga-ma-bobs to thinga-ma-jigs. It wouldn’t be a good idea to just grab a fridge magnet and expect it to hold a hammer. We advise that any heavy-duty tool store would carry your basic magnetic needs.



Put In A Workbench

You definitely need a place to work so a workbench is exactly what your shed needs. It should be able to be a workplace as well as a storage place. This would allow you to have a space to fix tools, keep tools, and anything else you need or want to do.


This workbench will allow you to keep your tools in a place that you can quickly get to them and use them at the moment you need them.


cabinet full of things

In A Cabinet

Build (or buy) a smaller cabinet that is easily accessible and low enough that you would not have to strain to retrieve anything that you may store in this cabinet. We suggest using this smaller cabinet to keep and store any paints or chemicals you may have.


Obviously, chemicals can be dangerous, so it is very important that they are stored properly. Paint, for example, needs to be stored in a dry place and upside down. Chemicals just need to be stored in a separate place that is dry and can store the chemicals.


Persistence Goes A Long Way

These five secrets will only work if you follow through with the execution of making shelves and putting up hooks and actually using them to organize your shed. Use these ideas, and create your own organization ideas that work best for you.


But persistence and follow-through are very important when it comes to organizing your shed. But maybe you just need a bigger shed or add on to your shed. Make sure you contact us at Cache Valley Shed to help you decide what your need is when it comes to your shed.

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