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5 Add-Ons For Sheds To Be Your AirBnB In Cache Valley

add-ons to make a shed an AirBnB

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Are you ready to make your shed into something more than what it is now? Have you ever heard of the term “AirBnB?” They are rising in popularity and becoming the go-to alternative from hotels because they can be cheaper than paying for a hotel room. Well what if you could turn your shed into an AirBnB right in your very own backyard for either travelers looking for space or just your extended family? We have come up with five add-ons to turn your shed in to an AirBnB right here in Cache Valley. Maybe it’s the right fit, maybe not. If it is, here are the 5 add-ons you need to have.


The first thing you should consider is adding electrical work. Simple electrical will be pretty inexpensive for your tiny living space. If you plan on living, hosting, or even just hanging out at this AirBnB you are going to want good lighting. It will allow your shed to feel more homely rather than just a dirty old shed. You will also need carefully planned outlets to plug in any common electronics such as a Fridge, maybe a stove, a microwave, or even a television.. Make your tool shed as enjoyable and comfortable as possible. 

Small AC Unit

With electricity installed, there are now even more possibilities to add onto your shed. Consider installing a small AC unit for the summers. This extra space that you have in your backyard will start to become more of a small hotel room with all the amenities that you could ever ask for. And why not, while you’re at it  you could add a wood burning stove for heat. It may take some extra planning, but it’s not impossible. Alternatively, just add an extra outlet and space for a space heater for the winter months. 


After you have your electrical figured out, consider adding insulation. The insulation will keep your shed cooler in summer and warmer in the winter. These steps will also help keep out small rodents and bugs. You don’t want to deal with any small animal destroying any of your hard work! And last but not least, it will keep your shed quieter. 

Add Walls 

Next add some wall in this tiny space. I know this sounds a little contradicting to place walls in an already constricting amount of space, but hear us out. By placing walls, it actually makes the rooms that feel bigger. You don’t just have one big space, but now you have maybe one to three separated rooms that aren’t as cluttered with everything that has to go into the shed. It’s separated and may make your mother-in-law more “at home” when she comes to visit.

Mini Porch 

If this shed is going to stay in your backyard and is going to be livable, why not add a mini porch? A mini porch could definitely be a game changer. Especially, now you can free up space or a room from the inside and make it an outdoor living room or even an outdoor kitchen. Maybe create an outdoor theater for people to lounge around, watch the game or a family movie, all within the confinements of your mini porch! You will want to make sure you will have a cover of some sort, because let’s be honest, Cache Valley weather can change in an instant.


If you’re looking for even more ideas for your AirBnB, check out these great ideas! And if you’re considering turning your shed into an AirBnB for extended family members or actually renting this one-of-a-kind room out for traveling strangers, then you should really start with consulting us at Cache Valley Sheds. We can help you get the necessary add-ons and tools you need to build this wonderful investment. Contact us to see how we can help!

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