3 Multipurpose Buildings From Cache Valley Sheds

You know what the best thing about sheds? They can be multipurpose buildings. Lots of people think of them as storage, and they do work great for that, but they can be so much more. Want some examples? Here are just three multipurpose buildings Cache Valley Sheds has made for people from our sheds.

1. The She or He Shed

man caveYou’ve heard of the man cave, right? State Farm popularized the term “she-shed.” They’re basically the same thing, depending on who uses them. You can turn a shed into a small living or office space where someone can have their own little place to go to focus up, or wind down. Set it up, load it with furniture and your favorite decorations, and BAM! You’ve got a nice place of your own. Put a ping-pong or Foosball table and make it a rec room. Set up a big screen TV and popcorn machine and turn it into your own private theater. Whatever you want your personal space to be, you can make it.

Tired of fighting over it? Get one for you and your spouse! With a dual patio connecting a pair of sheds, there’ll be no more of this “he-shed, she-shed.” Everyone can have their shay!

2. Recreational Storage

With Covid-19 restrictions being lifted, people are anxious to get outdoors. We need some sun, man! We want to have fun! Having fun means playing games and sometimes playing games needs a bit of equipment. Baseball bats and balls, football pads, whatever you need, a shed can be more than just a place to store it. Set up shelves and dividers and you can organize everything. You’ll know right where everything is and won’t have to spend time digging through a mess. Forget having to get out the ladder to climb to the highest shelves in your garage, you can keep everything at eye-level, where it’s easy to get and easy to put away. Now you just gotta make sure you teach your kids to put everything back where they got it.

3. Pool House

pool house shedDo you have a pool? Well, pools need regular maintenance and cleaning. If you’ve got younger kids, you need life jackets to help them learn to swim. Then there’s all the pool toys; foam noodles, inflatable alligators, diving rings, that weird thing Uncle Owen bought you that you have no idea what it is, it all has to go somewhere. And how about getting dressed? Sure, you can have your kids get dressed in the house, but then when they get out, they track all that water through the yard to get changed back into their regular clothes.

Consider using a shed as a pool house. Just like recreational storage, you can keep all your pool equipment in one place. Organize it all according to how you need it. Install some stalls, tile floors, and drains and you can use it to get dressed in. No more sopping wet kids wandering through the house!

Sheds Are Multipurpose Buildings!

multipurpose buildings

This one’s a park ranger’s office!

This isn’t even scratching the surface of what you can use a shed for. Got ATVs? A shed can be a garage for them. Keep horses? A shed can be set up to give them shelter from the heat, rain, and snow. Need to hide a body? Pull up the floorboards and . . . wait, who submitted this suggestion? Jerry? Make a note to call him in, I have some urgent questions I need to ask.

The point is, there’s no end to the utility a good shed can provide. Whether you just want a man-cave, or have some specific things you want to store, a shed gives you the space. Clear out your garage so you’ve got a good place to park your cars. With some planning and the right accessories, you can really organize your stuff.

Get In Touch

If you’re looking to get yourself a quality shed for whatever reason, Cache Valley Sheds has a great deal for you. With a huge variety of styles and options, whatever you want, you can have it. We build them on-site. We’ll do the set-up for free, including leveling, with up to three feet of concrete to get everything nice and even. Don’t have the money to buy one straight off the lot? We offer rent-to-own options.

Want to know more? Ready to order now? Go ahead and contact us! We’ll help you find exactly what you’re looking for.


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