Lumber price hikeLumber Price Increases

We’ve mentioned on our front page for some time about the lumber price increase. This increase in prices is unprecedented due to so many factors. Natural disasters such as fires along the west coast and storms along the east coast are damaging prime lumber farms. Combined with the effect of Covid reducing the workforce, there’s a serious shortage of materials. At the same time, people being home from work more has left people with more time for personal projects. This created a high demand. High demand and low supply means the cost of building materials has skyrocketed over 300%. This has made the price of sheds go up.

Don’t Buy As An Individual

The most expensive lumber prices will be for people buying individually. Customers who buy in bulk – like Cache Valley Sheds – get discounts because of the amount of business we regularly do with the lumber industry. Because we’re such large customers, they have to reserve a certain amount of their supply for us. That means that if you’re buying individually, the supply is even smaller for you. So, while this price hike continues, you should refrain from buying building materials unless you absolutely need them. Until the supply can get back to normal, increasing demand will only continue to raise prices. Earlier in the year, it was a good time to buy materials for personal projects, but for now, that time has passed. Best to wait until things normalize.

Why Should I Buy A Shed From You?

Deluxe PlayhouseWe’ve already said why a shed could be a good investment for you during this stressful period. There are many uses for it beyond just storage – which is a good enough reason on its own if you want to save money on rented storage space. With the price hike, you may wish to hold off on purchasing a shed. If you can’t wait, getting one through us is probably the best option.

Here at Cache Valley Sheds, we’re authorized dealers for trusted brands, such as Old Hickory. The companies we buy from are good about not surcharging more than is necessary to meed costs. Furthermore, because we buy in bulk, we’re able to mitigate some of the costs. While we have been forced to raise our prices to meet the situation, but we can get you the best prices you’ll get anywhere.

Any Questions?

If you’re looking to buy a shed, or have any questions about the current situation, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’ll be happy to help get you set up, or help you find the best solution for your situation that we can. Don’t feel like buying one now, but might in the future? We can answer your questions about what will suit you best! We’re always available to help out with your shed needs.