How Pressure-Treated Flooring Helps With Sheds

AFrame 18x33x10

Note the concrete foundation

A Concrete Foundation

When it comes to sheds, we’ve got a lot of options. One thing that a lot of people think is necessary for their sheds is a concrete pad to support it. For many cases, this is true. Most manufacturers use a 4×4 skid that requires a concrete pad because the skid is flexible. It can’t support the full weight of the shed. However, our supplier, Old Hickory, provides us with other options. Namely, they use pressure-treated flooring.

Pressure-Treated Flooring

Pressure-treated flooring makes the flooring of the more stable. Instead of a simple 4×4 skid, they use a 4×6 skid with the floor joist notched into it. Tying the floor together like this reinforces it and gives it the strength it needs to support the weight of the

pressure treated flooring

Pressure-treated flooring lets this shed stand on its own.

shed. This does away with the need for a concrete pad, which can save you time and money on installation. You do still need a flat and level area, but not having to mix and pour concrete can let you build the shed up faster. If you want a concrete pad anyway, the option is still available. If you want a bigger shed, we can also reinforce it further with additional support beams.

More Options!

Pressure-treated flooring isn’t the only option available for upgrades with our sheds, depending on your needs.


Want to use your shed as a small apartment, mini-home, or office, but don’t want to have to close it up when it gets cold in the winter? We can help with that. As a part of the installation process, we can spray a foam insulation onto the bottom to help it keep the cold out. The foam has a strong R-value. The US Department of Energy lists R13 as a good insulation level for default housing, but states that higher values are required for areas more to the north, where it gets colder. That’s why we provide insulation rated R19, which they recommend for all the northern states. If it’s good enough for Minnesota winters, it’ll handle a Cache Valley winter no problem!


Want to use your shed as a garage for ATVs? They work well for that, but the sheds are often raised a little off the ground, making it more difficult to drive the vehicle in. To compensate for this, we offer ramps. Lay it out at the door and drive the vehicle right up into it. No hassle! Our innovative ramp system allows the planks to be adjusted, removed, or left in place at your convenience.

Get Yours!

If you’re looking to get your hands on a shed, there’s no better company in Cache Valley than Cache Valley Sheds. We’ve got wide range of shed options and upgrades to choose from. Whatever you want it for, we’ve got just the building for you. With our bulk discounts through Old Hickory, buying a shed from us is much cheaper than building one for yourself, especially considering the price increases due to a supply shortage.

Don’t want a shed now, but considering one for the future? That’s okay! There’s no rush to buy, but if you are considering, there’s no harm in looking. Seeing the options will let you plan it out better, which always helps with the installation. Got any questions? Feel free to contact us. We’ll tell you everything you need to know and help you pick out the best shed to suit your needs!

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