Engineer Certified Sheds Give You An Edge

The Box Store

Engineer certified Lofted BarnA lot of people buy their sheds from box stores – like Lowe’s and Home Depot. Why? Well, price. The sheds you can get from big chains like that are generally cheaper than what you might find elsewhere. The problem is, a good price doesn’t mean a good product. A shed from stores like that might be cheap, but it’s cheap because not nearly as much work goes into making them. They aren’t engineer certified.

Engineer Certified Sheds

What does it mean when we say we sell engineer certified sheds? It means that all the products we sell are designed and certified by professional engineers. Sheds aren’t built to the same standards as homes are, you see. That means companies can get away with not bothering to make sure their products are very sound. We, on the other hand, make sure our products are of the highest quality.

Engineer certified sheds are designed to keep withstand certain conditions. Snowfall, wind, maximum floor weight and other factors are all accounted for in the design and build process. It’s sort of like the difference between the pig who builds his house of sticks and the one who builds his house of bricks. When the big bad wolf huffs and puffs, one blows in, the other stays standing.

Know What You’re Getting

The cheap sheds without proper engineer certification have no guarantees. Maybe it will stand up to that strong windstorm coming out of the Logan Canyon, and maybe Adrien will help you bring it back when it ends up in his yard. Maybe it will stand up to the excessive snowfall we sometimes get, and maybe the roof will crumple under the weight. Perhaps the floor will stand up under the weight of all your summer lawn care equipment, and maybe it’ll warp in the middle and create a puddle of water when the roof leaks because it couldn’t handle all the snow.

Do you really want to spend money on a maybe? I don’t think you do. You want to know that when you buy a shed, it will do the job you bought it for. That’s the comfort of engineer certified sheds. You know that it can handle the job!

Just One More Reason To Buy From Cache Valley Sheds

As an Old Hickory Authorized Dealer, we guarantee that all our products are engineer certified. That’s only one reason to buy from us, though. We have a whole host of additional options you can get to make your sheds even better. From pressure treated flooring to insulation, we can upgrade your shed to be used any number of different ways all year round. Because we can take advantage of bulk discounts Old Hickory gets when they purchase lumber, your dollars will go further with us! If you’re looking to buy a shed, Cache Valley Sheds is the place to go!

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