metal building: utility carpoort fully enclosed to be used as a garage

Get A New Garage!

Why People Are Buying Metal Buildings in Cache Valley

carportOur metal buildings are really useful and we’ve been getting a lot of people around Cache Valley buying them this year. We touched on this a bit in last months’ article. The main use people get out of our metal buildings is to serve as a garage. Let’s take a look at what you’re specifically getting out of this deal.

A Garage

Our metal buildings work great as a place to give your vehicle some cover. A surprising number of homes in Cache Valley don’t have garages at all, which forces people to leave their cars out in the open and at the mercy of the elements. During the summer, the sun beats down on them, wearing out the paint and the seating. When the rains come, they get covered in moisture and can rust. During the winter, the snow and cold can cause moisture to condense inside the car’s body and cause corrosion.

Even something as simple as our basic carport helps with that. It provides cover against the sun, rain, and snow. This works for cars, trailers, even boats; whatever vehicle you want to put under it.

Fully Enclosed

utility carpoort fully enclosed to be used as a garageOur metal buildings have many options available. One popular option is to have the building fully enclosed. A simple car park will keep the sun, rain, and snow off of the car, but it can leave you vulnerable to wind, depending on where you set up the building. For some people, that’s not a problem, as they have a good, sheltered place they can put the core building to give it the extra protection. For others, the fully enclosed option gives you the opportunity to put the building down wherever you build the concrete pad for it.

Fully enclosed, the building will be sealed against the wind, so even if there’s a windy storm, you won’t have to worry. When we enclose these buildings, we can include garage, or house doors – or both! – to suit your needs.

The Size You Need

Our fully enclosed metal buildings offer a variety of sizes. You can get your building anywhere from 20 to 50 feet long. That’s a 2-3 car sized garage to use. Maybe you want a workshop to go with your new garage? Park one car into a larger sized building and use the rest of the space as your workshop. These buildings can also work great as small warehouses. Get additional storage space for your business at a fraction of the overall cost you’d pay renting storage space elsewhere. You can even get a garage with storage space built into the back area.

Options Galore

Jloafing shed with overhangust having a building is all well and good, but what does it look like? This is probably not the most important question you’ll ask, but we have answers for when it matters. Our metal buildings come in a good selection of colors and styles as well as sizes.

And there’s other features as well. You can get sky lights, different types of garage doors, additional anchors and ground supports in case you want more support, insulation to protect against heat, cold, and high moisture levels, and much more. We can make sure our metal buildings will meet whatever your needs are. All of our buildings also include installation

Buy Today

If you’ve been wanting to get a shed, metal building or otherwise, now might be the best time. 2020 was a bad year for materials suppliers all across the country. While we always do the best we can to give the best prices, we haven’t been able to avoid surcharges. First it was wood, and now metal is also experience surcharges as the demand continues to increase. Prices may go up further this year and it’s hard to predict what the prices will be in the immediate future. If you know you have a need, buying now will let you get a good price locked in. So, if you’re looking to get a new shed from us, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’ll help you find the best fit for your needs!