We’ll Show You Why Ours Are the Best Sheds in Cache Valley

At Cache Valley Sheds we pride ourselves on the quality of our products. We are an authorized dealer for Old Hickory, which uses the best materials and the best designs. When you look at our website, you can see the appearance and style of it. We provide information about the build, letting you have an idea what you’re getting. It’s hard to convey everything just from the website, though. That’s why we invite you to come and see just how good they are. Here’s some of the things you can’t see just on our website.

1. Improved Flooring

enhanced flooring helps create the best sheds in cache valleyThe floor is more than just something you walk on. For a shed, the floor is the foundation. If it can’t support the shed, the whole thing falls apart. Standard sheds require a concrete pad for extra foundation support, but we go a step beyond that. We use a 4×6 skid system notched into the joist to lock it in place. This makes it self-supporting; you don’t need a concrete pad to support it, though it can help make sure it stays on a flat surface. The other advantage of this system is that the shed won’t twist or shake in the wind.

2. Stable Walls

A good floor is the foundation, but without strong walls, it’s not really a shed, is it? That’s why we also reinforce the walls of all our sheds. We use full-sized 2x4s in the wall construction. This means increased strength and support. This ensures that it’s strong enough to hang tools or build shelves onto, giving you extra space for storage. The improved structural integrity translates into better quality and durability overall. It’s especially good for keeping your sheds in good condition through the cold winter and heavy snow, as well as standing up to the winds.

3. Best Construction Materials

ring shank nails help create sturdy walls for your shed

ring shank nails help create sturdy walls for your shed

To maximize the quality of our sheds, we make sure that only the best quality materials are used in construction. In addition to the best wood and metals for the base, we also use ring shank nails. Ring shank nails have ridges in them, similar to a screw. When used in construction, these ridges have better gripping power than a standard nail would. They catch on the wood, preventing them from easily coming loose. The advantage of this is that they’re much sturdier than regular nails, meaning there’s less maintenance you need to do to keep it in good condition. You don’t have to worry about kids playing around in the shed accidentally pulling the nails out and having the building fall apart on you.

4. Engineer Certified

Our sheds are all engineer certified. We’ve talked about this before, but the basic gist is simple: our sheds are designed by engineers. Built to highly specific designs, we can guarantee exactly what they’ll be able to stand up to. We know the wind strength they can resist, the snow load they can bear on the roof, and exactly how much weight it can hold. They’re stronger and more durable. They hold more and they last longer, requiring very little maintenance overall to keep them working.

Come Down And See For Yourself

It’s easy to say all of this, but there’s no proof like seeing it with your own eyes. If you want to see exactly what you’re getting from us, feel free to come on down. You can find us on 3875 North HWY 91 in Hyde Park, Utah. We’ll show you exactly why Cache Valley Sheds has the best sheds in Cache Valley. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’ll be happy to show you around!