Now Is the Time to Prepare For Winter

Yellow shed in a back yardGet Your Shed Before the Winter Snow

Fall is here and that means winter is right around the corner. If there are any last minute projects that you need to do before the snow comes, now’s the time to get on it. If you’ve been considering buying a shed, now is probably the best time. Why?

Time To Get Ready

Now is the right time to buy a shed before winter. There’s still a couple months before the snow comes, so you’ve got time to build the foundation needed, and for us to deliver it to you. Once the snow hits, it can be really hard to build the foundation. The ground hardens with the cold weather, making it difficult to dig. Construction crews will usually charge more for winter construction as well. The foundation doesn’t take long to build – usually a day or two at most – so it will be easy to get that made now. Then it’s a simple matter for us to deliver your shed and install it in its new place.

What Do I Need A Shed For?

There are lots of uses for our sheds. A lot of our customers use them for storage to clear out space in the garage. That’s good for winter because it allows you to park your car in the garage where it’s out of the cold and the damp. No more waiting for the car to warm up, or scraping the windshield before you drive anywhere.

It’s also good storage for your summer equipment. Camping and hunting gear, lawn and garden tools, lawn decorations, patio furniture, and more will all have a place to go that’s out of the snow. When summer rolls back around, you can switch it out for your winter gear, like holiday decorations and snow shovels. That way, you free up more room in your house.

parking for your summer vehiclesGreat For Vehicles

Many of our sheds are the perfect size for storing vehicles. Do you have an ATV, motorcycle, or bike? Park it in the shed and keep it out of the snow! Your vehicles will last longer if you keep them out of the weather. Our lofted barn models have extra storage space up above, letting you have extra space for other equipment so it doesn’t get cluttered up around your recreational vehicles.

Get Prepared For Winter

Now is the time to get ready for the coming winter season. Don’t worry about what you’ll do with your outdoor equipment when the winter comes. Make space for your car in your garage so you don’t have to waste time heating it up and scraping off ice. There’s no better time to come in and have a look at our sheds. We have lots of options and our suppliers help us get you the best prices we can.

Do you want a shed? Get in touch with us today! Our lot’s always open to those who want to come and see what’s available. There’s still time before winter to get one installed. If you live in Cache Valley, we’ll deliver it for free! With many customization options available and engineer certification to ensure it stands up to the snowfall we get here, plus the Old-Hickory limited 5-year warranty, there’s never been a better time!