Metal Buildings Are Available Again, Here’s Why You Should Get one Now!

Winter is almost over. Weather should start warming up soon and that means metal buildings are back up for sale. Well, technically they never stopped being for sale, but because metal sheds have additional requirements from our other ones, we can’t really install them in the winter, so there isn’t too much point in buying one. But with spring on its way, now’s the time to get your metal shed!

What Good Are They?

There are a lot of reasons why people might like a metal building. They’re sturdy and energy efficient, and have lots of uses. Here in Cache Valley, our metal carports frequently serve as alternatives for people who don’t have garages in their homes. Our carports are great for trailers, fifth-wheels, campers, boats, and other vehicles. It’ll keep them out of the sun and rain. You’ll see less weather damage to the paint and seats than just leaving them out in your driveway. For those who want it, there’s a full-enclosure add-on that will come with garage and house doors on it.

Metal Building used to cover a boatMetal Buildings Come in a Variety of Sizes

Our metal buildings aren’t just good for single vehicles. We have several different sizes available for different purposes. We can have two and three car sized buildings as well. With our full-enclosure add-on, some of our larger metal buildings can work great as warehouse storage for businesses, or as workshops. There’s a lot of possibilities!

Limited Time Frame

While our metal buildings are good for year-round usage, there’s a limited time frame for installation. Our metal buildings often require a cement pad to build them on. This means that we can only install them during times when we can pour cement and dig for the foundation. Once the ground gets too cold, the digging becomes too costly and we have trouble pouring the cement. If you’re looking to buy a metal building from us, the latest we can sell it to you and be able to properly install it the same year is August.

But Don’t Wait!

Just because we have time in August to install it, that doesn’t mean you should wait around until August to get it done. We do installations for people all around the valley and beyond. Depending on the demand, there may be a queue to have your shed installed. If you wait until the last moment to buy it, there’s no way to guarantee we’ll be able to install it before winter, which will leave you waiting until next spring.

To avoid this, you want to order your metal shed as soon as possible. If you think you want one installed, now’s the best time to talk to us. Get in touch, or drop by for a visit to look at our options. We’re more than happy to show you what we’ve got. We’ll help you find out what works best for your intended use. Once you’ve picked out what you want, we can schedule a time to install it so that you get the maximum usage out of it this year!