Price Reduced

  • 10x12, utility shed, 6ft 3in tall wall, double barn doors with windows, roof color rustic red, main color barn white, trim color gap gray.

    #1 10X12 Utility Shed

    $4,916.25 Sale!
  • 12x28 Lofted Barn Garage

    #11 12X28 Lofted Garage Shed

    $13,409.25 Sale!
  • 10x20 lofted barn, rustic red metal roof, navajo walls, buckskin trim, rustic red metal roof, 7ft tall walls, double barn doors, two 4ft lofts.

    #13 10X20 Lofted Barn

    $7,856.50 Sale!
  • 10x20 Lofted Barn, two 4ft lofts, double barn doors, 7ft tall wall, 10ft shelves, main color gray shadow, trim color navajo.

    #15 10X20 Lofted Barn Shed

    $7,596.00 Sale!
  • Utility 10x16

    #16 10X16 Utility Shed

    $5,185.00 Sale!
  • Utility 8x12 shed, fir water sealed, burnished slate metal roof, single locking barn door.

    #20 8X12 Utility

    $3,776.25 Sale!
  • Side Lofted Barn, gap gray with black trim, 3-3x3 windows, two 4ft lofts, workbench, 60lb ground snow load.

    #21 12X28 Side Lofted Barn

    $12,686.30 Sale!
  • 10x16, Side Lofted Barn, double barn doors, two 2x3 windows, 7ft tall wall, two 4ft lofts.

    #26 10X16 Side Lofted Barn Shed

    $6,210.00 Sale!
  • Single Slope 10x20

    #27 10X20 Single Slope Shed

    $6,974.25 Sale!
  • 10x20 Lofted Barn, 7ft tall walls, charcoal metal roof, gap gray walls, gray shadow trim, double barn doors, two 4ft lofts.

    #28 10X20 Lofted Barn

    $7,856.50 Sale!
  • Single Slope, 10x16, 9 lite house door, two 2x3 windows with shutters, ?

    #31 10X16 Single Slope

    $7,296.95 Sale!
  • Lofted Barn 8x12

    #33 8X12 Lofted Barn Shed

    $4,550.40 Sale!
  • 10x16 Side Lofted Barn, 7ft tall walls, two 4ft lofts, two 2x3 windows, main color buckskin, trim color barn white.

    #44 10X16 Side Lofted Barn Shed

    $6,210.00 Sale!
  • 8x16 lofted barn, 7ft tall wall, scarlet red walls, barn white trim, black metal roof, two 4ft lofts, single barn door.

    #5 8X16 Lofted Barn

    $5,310.50 Sale!
  • 10x16 Utility

    #8 10X16 Utility Shed

    $5,490.00 Sale!