Winter Is Coming Up

Fall brings us its chilling reminders that winter is on the way every time the temperature drops. Soon, snow will start to fall. Now’s the time to think about preparing for it. How can Cache Valley Sheds help you with that? Well, we have some solutions for winter problems that our sheds can help with.

1. Car Problems

carportEverybody needs a car, it seems, but while everyone might have a car, not everyone has a garage. For most of the year, that’s not really a problem. Park it under a tree if you want to keep it in the shade, right? But winter brings snow and snow needs to be cleaned off the car before driving anywhere. That’s a time consuming and sometimes exhausting endeavor. If you had a garage, you could park it inside, but you don’t.

Our solution? Car ports! We have lots of options for car ports that can serve as a garage. Our carports are certified for 30 pounds of snow and can be anchored for wind resistance. Set one up and you can park your car under it during the winter and not have to worry about cleaning snow off your car, just keeping a path cleared from it to the road.

2. Sheltering Plants and Animals

seneca barn with horsePeople love pets, there’s no question. Dogs, cats, or more exotic types, you’ve got endless choices. Lately, though, there’s been an increase in people buying livestock animals. Chickens and goats are especially popular, along with horses and ponies. Whether it’s as a pet, or to get some use out of them (fresh eggs from the hen-house save a few bucks at the grocery store). But what do you do when it gets cold? You don’t want these animals to be out in the freezing cold.

We have sheds for that! Mini-barns and animal shelters are great for giving some cover to animals against the elements. With the addition of R19 rated foam insulation, your animals will have a nice, warm place to stay during the cold months. The quick installation and bulk discount prices we get from our sources make this a quick and affordable set-up.

Not just animals, but plants as well. Have some plants you want to keep alive so you can replant them in spring? Our sheds will serve them as well. Build yourself a little indoor garden to keep your flowers alive and enjoy your gardening hobby even in the winter!

3. Putting Up With Relatives

very fancy shed with multiple roomsExcuse me, I meant “putting up relatives.” Christmas is a time when the people you know and love come to visit. Where do you house them, though? There’s not enough space in your house. You could send them to a hotel, but maybe there isn’t a good one nearby, or maybe they can’t really afford it.

Fear not! Our sheds can easily be converted into living space for visitors. An insulated shed furnished with some beds and couches, and maybe a TV can make a nice little guest house for your family. Not just your family, though; many Air BnB rentals are furnished sheds in people’s back yards. After the winter is open and vacation season starts up again, you can turn that guest house into a rentable living space for travelers and make a little extra money on the side!

You’ve Got Problems? We Have Solutions!

Winter creates a few problems that our sheds can help solve. These are just three of the most common solutions people look to us for. There are plenty of other ways our sheds can help, both in winter and in other seasons.

Thanks to our good relationship with our provider and their bulk discounts, we can get you the best prices on sheds right now. Don’t fall into the trap of the price hikes in building materials that’s been going on since the summer. We’ll give you the best price you’ll find anywhere in Cache Valley.

Want to get your shed today? Want to know more? Get in touch with us today! We’ll get you set up with the right solution to your winter problem.